Microsoft SideWinder, sidewinder x3, sidewinder x5, and sidewinder x8 gaming mouse review

Microsoft SideWinder Gaming Mouse Reviews

The SideWinder, SideWinder X3, SideWinder X5, and Sidewinder X8 checked on.

Avg. Rating: 4.2 out of 5.0

SideWinder X3: 4.1 out of 5.0

SideWinder X5: 4.1 out of 5.0

SideWinder X8: 4.3 out of 5.0

SideWinder: 4.2 out of 5.0

Proposal: For the cash, we like the additional highlights found in the SideWinder and SideWinder X8. In any case, the X3 and X5 are brilliant ease gaming mice.

SideWinder X3 Standard Retail: $39.95

SideWinder X5 Standard Retail: $59.95

SideWinder X8 Standard Retail: $99.95

SideWinder Standard Retail: $79.95

What we preferred:

Agreeable structure, huge palm region

On-the-fly DPI turning on all models

The Quick Turn includes on the X5 and better

Very much positioned catches metal on SideWinder and X8

Great unwavering quality and reasonable programming highlights

Different models to look over dependent on value go

What we loathed:

Clumsy for the individuals who like a fingertip hold

Cost to-esteem is simply normal


Before we begin with the survey, how about we clear something up that has been befuddling clients. There are four SideWinder mice. To add to the disarray, one is simply called the SideWinder, while 3 are known as the Sidewinder X*. We used to audit every one independently, yet found that individuals were confounded by the reiteration and baffled attempting to locate the extraordinary data gaming mouse. The arrangement: show them all together. The individual surveys are at the base of this page; however you do not have to peruse them all.

Highlights comparative on all Sidewinders: If you put your hand on a SideWinder, the main thing you’d state is, this mouse is tremendous you will likewise be dead off-base. Permit me to clarify: while the mouse is bigger than a few, it’s not by much. The significant distinction is that the rear of the mouse truly comes up to a high circular segment. In case you’re accustomed to setting your wrist on your mouse cushion, this would be practically inconceivable without a wrist cushion on the Sidewinders. The individuals who need to put their entire palm on the mouse and move it in swiping movements will appreciate how the SideWinder feels.

Diverse SideWinder includes: The SideWinder is the main SideWinder with a weight cartridge, permitting you to change the heaviness of the cartridge. The SideWinder X8 is the one in particular that can work remotely. It can likewise be connected for wired force. Both the SideWinder and the X8 have large scale recording highlights, while the others do not. Professional tip: you can regularly discover the X5 at lower costs than the X3. Gracious and the X3 is the one in particular that looks weak.