Basic 101 for electrical contractors

From an employability perspective, becoming an electrician is one of the more alluring possibilities if you’re looking for a professional path. Along with the abundance of accessible jobs, the idea of the cash reward is equally alluring. According to official figures, electrical contractors who have just received their license should make at least £18,000 annually. The average salary for experienced workers will exceed £40,000 per year. However, you must first realize that becoming an electrical contractor is quite labor-intensive before you can begin to reap the rewards. electrical contractors in Lexington, KY, demand that all electricians working on homes and businesses have licenses.

What Kinds of Electrical Licenses are Available in Kentucky?

In Kentucky, there are three categories of electrical licenses: electrical contractor licenses, master electrician licenses, and electrician licenses. Kentucky electrical contractors maintain, install, and repair electrical systems for home and commercial buildings. The license fee for electrical contractors is $80.00. qualifications for an electrical contractor’s license:

electrical repairs in Lexington, KY

  1. succeed on a computerized test
  2. possess general liability insurance coverage of at least $500,000
  3. A worker’s compensation program
  4. submit a resume and a color photo
  5. cover the application fee

In Kentucky, there are three different kinds of electrical licenses available:

  • Electrical engineer

You must be a licensed electrical contractor to work with the general public, and only licensed electrical contractors may apply for electrical permits.

  • Electrician master

Every electrical contractor must employ at least one master electrician. All electrical work carried out under a master electrician’s supervision is their responsibility.

  • License as an electrician

You need to have an electrical license if you want to work independently. In Kentucky, an electrician’s license is the same as a journeyman’s. A master or licensed electrician must oversee all electrical work or carry it out themselves. 


Electricians in Kentucky must pass a test, show evidence of their professional experience, and complete at least 576 hours of classroom instruction. Electricians also need to be familiar with plans and electrical codes. Opt for an apprenticeship supported by the state. The state-sponsored programs include classroom and on-the-job training and are frequently funded by workforce development initiatives. Your relocation to the Kentucky apprenticeship site may be necessary if you participate in a state-sponsored program.